Our Services

We are a full service firm providing the full gamut of accounting, tax, and advisory work that you and your business will need.   See below for more details about our specific services and contact us if you have any questions.

Tax Work

Our firm provides a full suite of tax and compliance reporting. This includes individual, partnership, corporate, and fiduciary tax returns. For more complex tax situations, we can also do tax planning to help provide guidance for end of year calculations. If you have a tax audit, we can plan and represent you with the auditor. We also provide ancillary regulatory filings such as sales tax, property, and governmental census reporting.

Write-Up Work

Our firm provides month-end close and financials for up to date reporting. If there is a need to get financial information in a more timely manner, we also look at process to minimize the time it takes to close books. We also provide more in-depth analysis including setting up budgets and comparative reporting. Our firm is flexible as far as our involvement in the accounting process depending on need and can set up our services based on those requirements. Our focus is to provide services based on situation and we understand that every company’s needs are unique.

Compilation, Review, and Audit Work

Many companies are required by outside investors or third-party institutions to get an independent CPA report. We can provide those services for whatever the reason in a timely and smooth manner. The secret with engagements is planning and we pride ourselves in understanding the need and communicating expectation to client to be able to have minimal surprises as far as completion.

Advisory Services

Many medium and smaller businesses need advice on one off situations. Our team has experience in the controller/CFO roles and can help with implementation in banking, mergers, valuations, or insurance requirements.

  • Banking-Banks are risk adverse and require significant reporting on loans. Compliance quarterly/annual reporting and personal financial statements can be prepared by our firm.
  • Mergers-There are a lot of analytics required by either company in a merger. Our experience working with Venture Capital firms gives us familiarity with those requirements.
  • Valuations-For investors and bankers they are trying to get an understanding of risk and getting a valuation from a CPA allows for them to have a reassurance on their loans or investments.
  • Insurance-Clients try to figure out how much insurance they need. Based on financial data that we can provide, there can be a comfort level of what they are covered for versus potential liability. In addition, audits are required by many insurers which we can manage.