FAQ & Working With Us

GSR & Co. philosophy is one of the highest ethical considerations. As

LA Accountants

, we work with clients based on their business mindset and make sure they are informed about applicable requirements. All work is similarly imbued with the requirement of fulfilling our professional and ethical requirements. It is important that our clients share the same values that we do of open and accurate reporting.

Our interest is in building long-term relationships with our clients. Current clientele is in some cases third or even fourth generation individuals. We are very cognizant of the sensitivity of the nature of our work and do our best to protect privacy and security of clients’ information. We pride ourselves in not just being a service provider but being a partner in whatever your accounting needs may be. Our hope is that you will look at GSR & Co. as your business partner for significant business decisions and growth opportunities.

Our promise is to do our best as leading

Los Angeles accounting firms

to provide timely and accurate work based on the requirements of the scope of the work. We pride ourselves in getting work done quickly and being up-front as far as estimated time of completion. We want there to be clear communication that avoids any confusion as far as expectation and will result in client’s utmost satisfaction.

Our promise to the clients can be encapsulated in these four points:

  1. Ethics and Professionalism

  2. Business Partner and Advisor

  3. Accurate and High Quality Work.

  4. Communication and Timeliness.

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you and allow you to see the difference between your current circumstance and what our firm offers.

“Behind every good businessman there is a great accountant.”

— Unknown

Frequently Asked Questions

GSR & Co. provide a full suite of CPA and advisory services. Everyone needs to file their taxes so we can take care of individual, business, and fiduciary tax returns. Many companies have loans and outside investors and are required by their third-parties to provide compilations, reviews, or audits, all performed by our firm. Smaller companies do not have the size to hire on a full time senior finance professional, our firm can serve as a surrogate and provide month-end closes, financial analysis, and budgeting.

Absolutely you can and in many cases you should. If you have a simple return, most software will walk you through what you need to do. The issue comes into play once things get a bit more complicated. More and more individuals are no longer employees which allows certain deductions as a self-employed person but what are those and in what situations are they deductible? Should I set up a separate entity for my business? A person advertising as an accountant may be helpful in setting up a Quicken or Quickbooks record keeping of your expenses but for these questions it is best to have a CPA. Based on an initial call we can quickly conclude whether your situation is right for our firm.

Good question! The most important difference is most CPAs have worked their whole life in the profession and do not have the in-depth experience of actually working in an outside company. Our firm provides that insight, we partner with you and understand the challenges small business are facing. Secondly, we pride ourselves on service and if there are questions or concerns, they will be responded to promptly. Finally, we run lean, tech friendly, and efficient, there is no bloated bureaucracy like many CPA firms. Your work will come in and we’ll get it out quickly.

We have experience in Quickbooks, Quicken, Full Circle, Microsoft Nav, PeopleSoft, Epicor, and Sage ERP. We are pretty tech savvy and can work with most systems with minimal amount of ramp up time. Many of our customers work in Quickbooks which allows for consistency of process regardless of customer.