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312, 2020

Year End Tax Planning

We’re Los Angeles CPAs helping some of the best companies (and individuals!) in greater Los Angeles.

The year 2020 isn’t coming to an end soon enough for many people as we head to the end of the year. With the end of year coming it is a good time to finalize tax planning to reduce your taxes. In this post we will discuss some opportunities and items to […]

1010, 2020

Tax Preparation and Planning: Eliminate Surprises on Tax Day

Check back for our monthly posts on taxes, we’re Glendale tax accountants helping some of the best companies in Glendale.

One of the most dreaded words for the average person is to hear “taxes”. The connotation is money that needs to be paid no matter what and a sneaking concern that there will be an amount owed. You will find taxpayers who would rather get large refunds then deal […]

809, 2020

Financial Statements Explained

We’re proud to be Glendale accountants helping some of the best companies in Glendale.

You are running your business and making sure that you are servicing your customers in the manner that you know they deserve. You treat your employee with value and try to keep them challenged. Your sales are hot and growing but something is wrong. Every time it comes for paying bills there seems to be […]

608, 2020

Vendor Discounts + Rebates: Should I Take Them?

As a group of leading LA accountants, we’re glad to provide useful information that may help you in establishing your business.

Vendors quite often offer customers that have significant sales with them rebates and discounts. Should a customer take advantage of these opportunities and what are the down sides of these offers? A client of mine came to me to ask me to analyze what would be the […]

207, 2020

I’m Creating My Own Business, What Entity Should I Use?

As one of the leading Burbank Accounting Firms, we’re glad to provide useful information that may help you in establishing your business.

You have made the big leap for various reasons to open your own business. The thought of being without a safety net can be daunting and there are so many things that you don’t know combined with great uncertainty, the whole thing can feel overwhelming. The […]

206, 2020

Why you need a cash reserve and emergency fund

As one of the leading LA Accounting Firms, from time to time we’ll provide valuable information to help you accomplish your financial goals.

As we continue to struggle with the consequences of the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, there are many lessons that can be learnt from how we reacted and how ready we were to deal with this unique challenge. Most people regardless of current situation […]

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