Our History

Paul Golub

Golub, Senitt, Rosenberg & Co. has had an illustrious history of serving the Los Angeles area as one of the leading

accounting firms in Los Angeles

. The firm was created by Paul Golub in the mid 1950’s. Paul had the opportunity to meet some of the dynamic individuals involved in the citrus and fruit business. Paul partnered with them both as their CPA and as a trusted business advisor as their businesses grew and diversified into a vertical production of all aspects of the agricultural industry. With Paul’s expertise, clients from similar and ancillary businesses jumped on board to get similar expertise. By the 1970’s the firm had a robust client list with the gamut of CPA services being provided.

Mitch Senitt

Mitch Senitt was hired by Paul in 1977 and was quickly promoted in the company with additional responsibilities. Mitch made partner in 1982 and worked closely with Paul to continue to service the clients. Clientele continued to diversify their holdings and many complex transactions were handled by the firm during this time period. Paul continued to work with the company until his passing in 2007. Mitch took over full responsibility of the firm at that time until his passing in 2018.

David Rosenberg

In 2018 David Rosenberg purchased the firm from Mitch. David began as a CPA working in tax, audit, and write-up work for over five years. David then transitioned over to private industry working for twenty years in increasing levels of responsibility as a controller and CFO. Primary work experience was in restaurant, apparel, and manufacturing industries. David’s incentive for the purchase of the firm was getting back to helping clients grow their businesses.

GSR & Co. continues the proud tradition that began over 60 years ago. The firm is cognizant of its past as it modernizes and diversifies the firm into other industries while continuing to service some of the same clientele that began with the firm at its inception.